Prevalence of CJS Referrals to Community Treatment
 (in DATOS)

  • Nationally, 80% of admissions to publicly-supported drug treatment are in outpatient drug free (ODF) or long-term residential (LTR) programs (Ray, Henderson, Thoreson, & Toce, 1997)
  • Information from the 3rd national treatment evaluation funded by NIDA (ie, the DATOS Project) shows that over half of all admissions during 1991-93 to representative community-based LTR and ODF programs were "legally involved" (i.e., on probation, on parole, or awaiting trial)
  • Over one-third were referred to these programs by the criminal justice system (CJS) At least one of every four admissions to methadone treatment were legally involved, but the CJS does not view or use this important treatment modality as a generally acceptable referral option (only 2% were referrals from CJS)
  • Source: Ray, B., Henderson, L., Thoreson, R., and Toce, M. (February, 1997), National Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment Services: The Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) 1992-1995, Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies; Craddock, S.G., Rounds-Bryant, J.L., Flynn, P.M., & Hubbard, R.L. (1997), "Characteristics and Pretreatment Behaviors of Clients Entering Drug Abuse Treatment: 1969 to 1993," American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 23: 43-59.